Colofol - Evaluation of the frequency of a surveillance program
Colofol, participating countries: Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Ireland and Uruguay
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The trial includes bloodtests and CT-scans of the liver and lungs

Non-scientific description of the COLOFOL trial (layman protocol)

The value of control after operation for colorectal cancer is mostly unknown, but the newest analyses of the scientific results indicate that a more intensive control leads to a better survival. Besides this there are indications of that the thing to look for is recurrence in the liver (liver metastases) which is sometimes cureable.

The guidelines for control in Europe vary from hospital to hospital. Controls are expensive and can lead to unnecessary anxiety for the patient. It is thus important to clarify the optimal control intervals and methods for both patients and society

Therefore an international multicenter trial has been planned in which we want to clarify whether a control programme including scanning and/or X-ray of lungs and liver + a blood test, which can indicate recurrence are of any value.

After informed consent has been obtained the patients will after drawing a lot be placed in one of two groups. One where the programme will be run after 12 and 36 months or another where the programme will be run at 6, 12, 18, 24, and 36 months after surgery.

If recurrence is discovered the further treatment will be decided by a multidisciplinary team consisting of surgeons, oncologists, and radiologists.

The trial will be performed in Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Uruguay and eventually UK and Holland. The planning of the study has been supported by the Nordic Cancer Union by 25,000 EUROS