Colofol - Evaluation of the frequency of a surveillance program
Colofol, participating countries: Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Ireland and Uruguay
Layperson Protocol
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Data Entry
The trial includes bloodtests and CT-scans of the liver and lungs

Instructions for participating departments

  1. Preoperative informed consent for preoperative CEA and intraoperative blood and tissue sampling.
  2. Postoperative data-reporting of all colorectal cancers with stage II and III disease under the local patient ID. Do not submit data until informed consent are obtained or declined after 4 weeks.
  3. Written informed consent (to be kept in the department and with a copy in the patient file).
  4. CEA after one month.
  5. Data-reporting of perioperative data 30 days after surgery (after the 4 week-CEA-test). Submit data. Randomisation-group and patient COLOFOL number will be reported back from the system.
  6. Eventually data-reporting after interval visits. Submit these data every time.
  7. Data-reporting after each planned follow-up visit. Submit these data.
  8. 60 months final status data to be reported.
  9. If you want to look at your own data, please:
    1. Use the patient-ID to look for all the data for the individual patients .
    2. Go to the feedback-page and chose "Download data". Then you can receive a file with all of your departments data, and a description.